Top Ten Things One Considers While One is Unemployed.

1. Upon watching too many episodes of the West Wing, one considers if it really is worth it to invest in political science, when Aaron Sorkin seems to have it all figured out.

2. Upon applying for 5 jobs a day and hearing back from none in a month, one reconsiders their worth to society.

3. Upon a daily reading every single news article at their disposal, one considers walking over to the Langevin Block to flip you-know-who the bird.*

4. Upon the onset of utter boredom, one considers trying on all their wardrobe at once, à la Joey from Friends.*

5. Upon finishing many, many mock LSAT tests, while still never reaching above a 155, one considers that an existential crisis may be a better option than law school.

6. Upon sleeping in until 10am every day, one considers those suckers who have to get up at 7 everyday.

7. Upon seeing the contents of their bank account after a month of unemployment, one considers drastic actions – such as selling homemade friendship bracelets.

8. Upon finishing every season of their TV shows, one begins to reconsider the value of fan fiction.

9. Upon realizing jobs prospects are worse now that one has a degree, one considers drinking heavily.

10. Upon sitting outside on the patio, +28 degrees, with no humidity and a cold beer at 2pm, one considers why anyone would want to work at all.

And in case you were wondering, this is what I did all May 2012.

*One did not act on these feelings.