Good news everyone! I have officially been chosen to be an LSE Blogger. Most of my blog posts for LSE will be largely taken from this blog, but I plan on leaving some pretty rad little Easter eggs over at LSE, so you better keep up. Also, there are seven, eight (?) other bloggers who are all lovely, so do take a look:

I am under the Graduate drop-down because I am now a Graduate student which both rules and blows.
But now, on to the good stuff…

Day 1

Considering how most (if not all) of you who read this blog are either (a) an extremely close relative or (b) a friend who I guilt tripped into reading this, I’m sure you all know that the boyf and I made a wee little side-step over to Iceland on our way to the UK.

Believe it or not, somehow, someway one of the cheapest one-way flights from Toronto to London was a stop-over in Reykjavik, Iceland. Now being of cold, nature, social services loving Canadian, I felt I would love it. And I did. (Oh and they’re really the only country to prosecute the financial industry for 2008 AND they have a special bankers jail. It’s safe to say I was already in love before I arrived.)

After a raucous four days of reunions in Toronto, Bone and I hopped in a cab with WAY TOO MUCH LUGGAGE over to the airport. Obviously there were angry, “Natalie is hungry and sweaty and cranky” freak outs in the airport when we couldn’t find the elevator, but we managed to check-in and board with more than enough time to spare.

Look at this poem. Would wouldn’t want to sleep on this bad-boy.

Though I can safely say flying is not my favourite thing in the world, but immediately Icelandair was dreamy. They gave you pillows, blankies, water AND all these items had cute poems and sayings. Also, the tv screens flashed fun facts about Iceland with beautiful scenic backgrounds to get you effing psyched for your trip. Tourism Iceland I can safely say you’re giving Newfoundland tourism a run for your money, (and that’s saying something because those commercials that end with “call Pat” make me cry.) Oh also did I mention we had an empty seat next to us too? Boom, lay down room.

Now I’m really regretting not taking a picture of the airport. And by a picture I mean hundreds of pictures. It was so beautiful and modern and clean and design-y (or architecturally stimulating, however you want to call it) it hurt. Perfect way to be welcomed. We had to walk off the plane at 6:15 am which I was ok with because that fresh salt air did wonders for waking me up after one hour of a bumpy nap and three hours of Batman.

Bone is so happy to have arrived… at 615am.


Arriving in Reykjavik was probably one of the most refreshing parts of the entire trip. They’re new airport is fantastic, and having to walk (very briefly) from the plane to the building allowed for a few – very key – gulps of fresh, clean, Nordic air.

Our first day really didn’t include too much of anything. Mostly passing out at Kex Hostel (which was 5/5) lobby waiting for our room, and then napping in our room once we checked in.

Doesn’t do justice whatsoever to how wonderful the lounge/restaurant area is at Kex.

The living room in our hostel room!

After sleeping sufficiently enough to drag our asses out of bed, we wandered the nearby city centre and basked in the perfect weather. Downtown Reykjavik is such an interesting maze. It was small enough to walk around in about 30 minutes, but it was so easy to get turned around and find yourself wandering down another quaint, Icelandic road. More on the city of Reykjavik to follow.

We ended the day eating at a somewhat gourmet fish and chips place. I mean they even had 8 different tartar sauces for the fish! I opted for the garlic basil and was not disappointed. After successfully booking a day trip for the following morning we passed out, believing that the weather we had our first day would continue on into the second ….


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