Downsides of Knowledge

So when I was a kid I watched some pretty educational shit. (Who am I kidding? I still do.)

Discovery Channel was my main jam but I’m pretty sure it led to many if not most of my neuroses.

Exhibit A:

When I was about six I remember watching a documentary about what would happen if a rogue asteroid hit Earth. Basically one of those doomsday scenario shows where nothing ever turns out even mildly ok. Maybe not the best thing for a six year old to be watching, but hey there are worse things.

I walked around for about six months in a relative amount of terror every time I’d look up at the sky. I just had this image of six year old me, minding my own business, probably playing legos or barbies (yea I played with both – suck it gender norms!), then all of a sudden – BOOM – A FLIPPING ASTEROID. All life on Earth dead, six year old me in sheer terror.

And I wonder why I’m neurotic?

Discovery Channel is also probably the reason why I insist on watching nature specials while drunk before I pass out. This is real and it happened last night.


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